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Slide into Wellness with a Big League Poo

  • By Caylie Shelton
  • ·
  • 20 May 21

Microbe Formulas Sponsors 2021 Season for Boise Hawk Minor League Baseball Team

Meridian, Idaho, May 20 2021 — Local health company, Microbe Formulas, is partnering with Boise Hawks minor league baseball team for the 2021 season. 

The partnership kicked off with a personal presentation from Microbe Formulas co-founder, Dr. Todd Watts, directly to the 25 baseball players. Dr. Todd surprised the team by providing each player with a complementary kit of three Microbe Formulas supplements to try themselves. Nicknamed “The 3 Amigos,” these unique liquid supplements are designed to primarily support cell function and energy production. 

At the presentation, Dr. Watts said, “Cell health plays an important role in everything the body does, especially energy production. Because of this, the cellular level support that the 3 Amigos offer can help a wide spectrum of people. From the average baseball fan wanting to fight fatigue to the players on the field wanting to naturally promote their body’s performance.”

The partnership between the organizations will promote the message “Slide into Wellness.” Microbe will provide swag giveaways at each Boise Hawks home game to help more people pivot their focus toward whole body health and wellness. Microbe Formulas will also sponsor a fireworks show and press box, plus a company owner will throw the first pitch at a home game. 

In the Treasure Valley, Microbe Formulas is known for their quirky, but educational “Yay! I Pooped Today” billboard campaign to promote gut health. Microbe will continue to share this message at Memorial Stadium with playful signage installed on the bathroom doors that read, “Slide into wellness with a big league poo!”

Shawnda Huffman, Vice President of Communications for Microbe Formulas, says, “At Microbe we crave the opportunity to share our message of hope and health. We are honored to share that message with the Boise Hawks and their fans. This opportunity to get involved with the local athletic community is a true home run for Microbe to provide real wellness direction to the local community and make it more accessible to those who may need it most.”

About Microbe Formulas: Microbe Formulas is a wellness company and leader in foundational health. With their all-natural ingredients and cutting-edge proprietary technology, Microbe facilitates health journeys, all in the hopes of saying “Welcome to the real you.”

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Caylie Shelton, Manager of Public Relations for Microbe Formulas, at 949-545-1009 or