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Frank A. J. A. Bodewes, Marjan Wouthuyzen-Bakker, Marcel J. Bijvelds, Rick Havinga, Hugo R. de Jonge, and Henkjan J. Verkade.

Ursodeoxycholate modulates bile flow and bile salt pool independently from the cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator (CFTR) in mice. Our results in mice...When extrapolated to the human situation...might imply that UDCA treatment results both in CF and in non-CF individuals in increased choleresis, reduced bile salt synthesis, and a more hydrophilic bile salt pool.



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    the Blaze

    ​Report: Researchers concerned about levels of heavy metals found in more than 20 packaged juices sold across the country

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    Fulvic News

    ​​Incurable HIV or Aids virus is destroyed by humic extracts, epidemic now has over 33 million people infected.

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    The Naked Darwin

    ​In a fascinating story about co-infections and co-evolution, helminth parasites play a role in a two-signal reactivation pathway of latent infections of herpes-like viruses.

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