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How Listening to My Body Made All the Difference
Sharing Stories

Jesica was healthy and athletic all her life. She rarely experienced any health issues. Then she moved into a house with water damage and mold. Her well-being took a drastic turn for the worse, but she spared no effort to find solutions. See what worked for her, and read her advice for others facing seemingly unexplainable, yet debilitating illness.

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  • Jemma Jones
  • ·
  • 28 May 21

Following the Natural Path to Wellness

Growing up, it seemed as though Jemma always had a sore and inflamed throat and was on antibiotics. Doctors never told her a reason for her sickness — they handed her an antibiotic and sent her home. She struggled with health and energy as a young girl. Find out how she stopped the sickness pattern and found health.

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  • Debbie Denno
  • ·
  • 19 Mar 21

Anxiety and Depression to Health and Healing

An estimated 264 million people globally deal with depression and anxiety, which amounts to roughly one in five. Debbie Denno was one of those people. Hear about her lifelong battle against anxiety, depression, and physical maladies, and the natural support that made a difference for her, and can for you, too.

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  • David Ray
  • ·
  • 10 Feb 21

Advocating for Yourself and Your Health, No Matter What

David Ray tells the story of his five-year struggle to find treatment for a series of physiological problems that began after he was bitten by a dog. He discusses his experience with healthcare professionals, emphasizes the importance of listening to your body, and encourages you not to give up in your search for answers.

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  • Holly Bertone
  • ·
  • 17 Dec 20

Finding Your Inner Fortitude

Holly Bertone, cancer survivor and wellness advocate, tells her story going through breast cancer, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and other health challenges. She talks about finding your inner fortitude as you start down the road to hope, health, and healing.

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