Lymphatic Detox


Lymphatic Detox


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Brain fog? Memory issues? If your lymphatic system isn’t moving, you’re living with toxicity. Period. Lymphatic Detox is a BioActive Carbon product that focuses on drainage and immune support throughout the lymphatic system, creating the motion to support drainage. This natural formulation contains a proprietary blend of multiple natural ingredients, augmented with our BioActive Carbon complex.

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$45.95 $50.00
I am thrilled to have a product devoted to lymph system. It is such a vital part of our immune system. With all of the toxicity in our lives, our immune systems need all of the support we can give.

Deb T.

Video Presentation

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd

Here what Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd say about Lymphatic Detox and how it can help support you in your journey to hope and health.

Prevent Stagnation

Open up the drainage pathways in the lymph to create an environment that repels pathogens, toxins, and inflammation

Support Brain Drain

Keeping the lymph system in motion helps the brain perform its process of removing harmful toxins during sleep which helps with brain fog and memory recall

Supported by BioActive Carbon

Directs and protects ingredients to the right places at the proper pH levels for maximum impact and results

Lymphatic Detox

Lymphatic Detox plays an important role in proper drainage of toxins and pathogens and is critical in completing a true detox journey.

Product Overview

Lymphatic Detox is a BioActive Carbon product that focuses on drainage and immune support throughout the lymphatic system, creating the motion to support drainage.

Natural ingredients included in the Lymphatic Detox product include turkey rhubarb, sheep sorrel, and burdock root, whose anthraquinones, tannins, and plant sterols have antioxidant properties, and other immune system-supporting properties. Burdock root, specifically, has been shown to be particularly effective in supporting the body’s efforts to remove biofilm.

Additionally, Lymphatic Detox utilizes Slippery Elm bark (a mild natural diuretic), Astragalus root (lymphatic system and liver support), and Graviola chuchuahasi (adrenal support).

This blend of natural ingredients and the BioActive Carbon molecules allow for effective detoxification coupled with binding and die-off symptom mitigation. This means your detox efforts are optimized while your progression toward overall wellness is maximized.

As with all our BioActive Carbon products, you can take Lymphatic Detox with or without food. Simply add it in earlier in the day and later in the day for best results.

Recommended dosage is one capsule, twice daily, at breakfast and dinner.

Lymphatic Detox


The list of ingredients below is here to help you understand the ayurvedic properties of each, not to establish a claim on the ingredients as a whole.

Our products use long- and short-chain BioActive Carbon molecules, which have the ability to support life. These BioActive Carbon molecules are extracts of humic and fulvic acids, and are designed to work systematically in the body. These molecules bind with toxins in the body and, in addition to chelating them, leverage their ability to support life by repairing as they chelate.

Our BioActive Carbon molecules undergo a three-step proprietary process in which other molecules are attached to enhance their overall efficacy and ability to support the body as it removes biotoxins. These processes ensure that the molecules and their beneficial elements get where they need to go in the body without dissipation or loss of efficacy on the journey.

In short, BioActive Carbon is included because it binds, restores, directs and protects.

One of the names of rheum palmatum, Turkey rhubarb has been used for medicinal purposes for more than 3,000 years. It has shown to be effective against feverish conditions, as a cathartic agent in the stomach, and when used as a purging agent. Other known applications for Turkey rhubarb include as a laxative, an anti-inflammatory agent, an astringent and antibacterial agent, and as a natural aide to clotting.

Rumex acetosella, or Sheep sorrel contains many nutrients including: Vitamin C, B, D,E, K, beta carotene, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. It is known for its antibacterial properties, and has been used to treat bacterial infections including Staph, E.coli and Salmonella. It is also known as a treatment for urinary and kidney dysfunction. Sheep sorrel has shown to contain significant levels of antioxidants.

Burdock root has been a staple of holistic medicine for quite some time. Its two most common uses have been as a diuretic and as a digestive aid. Now, researchers have discovered numerous potential uses and health benefits for burdock root. Burdock root has shown to be high in antioxidants, and has functioned as a support in the removal of toxins from the blood.

People take slippery elm by mouth for coughs, sore throat, colic, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bladder and urinary tract infections and inflammation, syphilis, herpes, and for expelling tapeworms. It is also used for protecting against stomach and duodenal ulcers, for colitis, diverticulitis, gastrointestinal inflammation, and too much stomach acid. Slippery elm is also taken by mouth to cause an abortion and for cancer. Very few studies exist on this ingredient, so much of the data on its effectiveness is anecdotal.

Astragalus has been used as a dietary supplement for many conditions, including for diarrhea, fatigue, anorexia, upper respiratory infections, heart disease, hepatitis, fibromyalgia, and as an adjunctive therapy for cancer. The most commonly reported side effects are diarrhea and other mild gastrointestinal effects.

Also known as Maytenus laevis, this plant is used in traditional medicine for several purposes in extract form. Antitumor and anti-inflammatory properties were recently attributed to the extracts of the root bark of the plant. The presence of phenoldienones (tingenone, 22-hydroxytingenone), a catechin (4'-methyl-(-)-epigallocatechin) and proanthocyanidins (Ouratea-proanthocyanidins A and B) have been shown in various studies. Traditional claims are confirmed by the existence of these compounds in the extracts of Graviola chuchuahasi.

The Difference is in the Detox

Lymphatic Detox


$45.95 $50.00
Lymphatic Detox

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a moment to review some of questions normally asked about Lymphatic Detox.

Yes. This product may be taken with other supplements.
The ingredients in this supplement provide various support mechanisms for proper systemic drainage.
This may be taken with or without food for equal effect.
Lymphatic Detox is part of the first phase of the overall protocol and is designed to help establish drainage through the lymphatc system.
While all of the Microbe Formulas products can be taken by themselves, they are designed to be part of the overall protocol that supports you on your journey to health.

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