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Made from the seed of the Mimosa pudica plant, this single-ingredient supplement provides the gut support you're looking for. It can travel all the way through your intestinal tract, doing its cleansing work.

What’s the secret? Mimosa Pudica Seed is fat-soluble and gels up when mixed with liquid. In your digestive tract, the powdered seed absorbs fluids and changes consistency. It becomes jelly-like and sticky-- which allows it to grab onto unwanted elements as it makes its way through your system.

Product Highlights

Mimosa Pudica Seed is introduced in Step Two of the Foundational Protocol. Mimosa Pudica Seed primes your digestive system to properly eliminate unwanted elements.

  • Supports the body’s natural drainage processes to remove unwanted elements and intestinal buildup that can get stuck in the digestive tract
  • Promotes healthy immunity by promoting gut health
  • Encourages healthy digestive function and promotes regular bowel movements
  • 100% organic Mimosa Pudica Seed from the Mimosa pudica plant
  • No fillers, additives, or GMOs
  • Vegan friendly and gluten free
  • Ingredients

    Dosing Instructions


    Take two capsules twice daily on an empty stomach.


    Take up to five capsules twice daily on an empty stomach.

    With Food

    Take 1 hour away from food.


    Reduce dosage to one capsule twice daily.

    Toddler Under 50 lbs.

    Take one-half capsule twice daily on an empty stomach. Open the capsule and mix with avocado oil or maple syrup to take. Do not mix in water.

    Child Between 50 - 125 lbs

    Take one capsule twice daily on an empty stomach or as otherwise directed by your healthcare practitioner. Do not mix in water.

    Product FAQs

    Mimosa Pudica Seed is ideally introduced once you’ve supported your drainage pathways enough to be able to efficiently clear out unwanted elements — without the risk of having them reabsorbed into your system. This is what Step One of the Foundational Protocol addresses.

    If you don’t do the Foundational Protocol, it’s recommended to at least take Mimosa Pudica Seed with Formula 1 and BioActive Carbon Biotox or BioActive Carbon Foundation.

    For additional drainage support (which is highly recommended), it’s recommended to add TUDCA Plus, Kidney & Liver Support, and Lymphatic Support. 

    “Results” vary per person, so there’s a chance you may not notice anything right away. Some people see results within a few days, and for others, it can take a month or two.

    Results themselves also vary. Some people experience results in the way they feel, their energy levels, and how their digestive tract is working. Others may see visible results in the toilet bowl.

    Due to these variables, we aren’t able to make a generalization of when and how to increase your dosage. However, it is safe to gradually increase your dosage by 3-5 capsules per day after a couple of weeks at the standard dose, as long as you’re feeling okay.

    If you’re taking Formula 1 and/or BioActive Carbon alongside Mimosa Pudica Seed (which is highly recommended), you can gradually work up to a more aggressive dose.

    Formula 1 can be increased to 2-3 capsules twice per day. BioActive Carbon or BioActive Carbon Foundation can be increased from 2 capsules twice daily to 3 capsules twice per day.

    Please don’t be discouraged, as the recommended length to experience cleansing results is 120 days. You may just need to give it some time. To learn more, please see the recommended Foundational Protocol.
    As a soluble fiber, Mimosa Pudica Seed may cause constipation at first. If this happens, we recommend increasing your water intake and lowering the dosage. A lower dosage will not hinder your progress; you will just go at a slower pace that may be better suited to your body.

    Second, you can add our Intestinal Mover to gently support regular bowel movements and support peristalsis. 
    Mimosa Pudica Seed stays in the gut and does not cross the blood-brain barrier.
    All of our ingredients are organic. The capsules are vegetable-derived, but are not certified organic.
    Our typical protocol length can be about four months. While many of our products can be taken alone, their value is optimized when part of a protocol. Many people have found long-term usage to provide additional health benefits. As a natural ingredient, it can be taken indefinitely at the recommended dose on an ongoing basis to support digestion and immune health.
    There is no set maximum dose for Mimosa Pudica Seed. However, an aggressive dose would be to take 4 capsules twice per day. We recommend working up to this very slowly.
    Mimosa Pudica Seed needs to be taken on an empty stomach, thirty minutes before food or two hours after. Aside from Formula 1 (which can be taken at the same time as Mimosa Pudica), all other supplements should be taken at least one hour away from Mimosa Pudica.

    Prescription medication should be taken at least two hours away from all supplements.
    Due to the sticky texture of the Mimosa Pudica Seed, it can’t be taken with water if the capsule is opened up. We recommend putting it in honey, olive oil, or even maple syrup. This prevents it from becoming too sticky to swallow and will allow you to digest it properly.

    If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before adding any new supplements to your routine.

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    United States United States
    Bye bye cravings!

    This product reduces my cravings significantly!

    Jennifer K.
    United States United States
    Utterly Unbelievable

    I discovered Dr. Watts during an educational seminar on mold toxicity illness that l recently discovered was the cause of over 20 years of my medical issues. While learning about other issues on can have with Mycotoxin exposure l came across parasites. Not really thinking l had these or that they were an additional issue of mine until l saw Dr. Watts say EVERYONE has parasites. So l purchased this product to incorporate into my mold detox protocol that l had already been doing for about 3 months. Wow is all l have to say! Within a week l for sure noticed these intestinal parasites in the toilet bowl. Now l am obsessed on removing them from my body and am so grateful for this product because it gives me the peace of mind that l am indeed getting rid of them. I highly recommend this product and have plans to continue using it till l see no more worms and then also add it in at least once a year for ongoing maintenance. Thank you Microbe Formulas!

    Ann S.
    United States United States

    Excellent product. That is why I have continued to buy it - as well as the other Microbe Formula products! I appreciate very much the sales which make this and other products more affordable ... because I continue to need them!

    Marisa R.
    United States United States
    It works!

    This really works. A gut scrubber that isn't harsh at all and visibly is removing "things" out of my gut. I love that it is natural and gentle. It also helps me be regular. I would recommend to anyone, but I tried just 1 capsule with 1 Formula 1 capsule and it stirred up some viruses; so be ready for a little downtime to heal as it removes things you shouldn't have in your body.

    United States United States
    Very effective

    This brand of mimosa pudica seed is the best! It’s very effective at killing parasites so your body can release them.