Protocol Timeline

Phase 1: Prepare the body for a successful true detox experience

Support Drainage

Provide the body with the help it needs to maintain healthy liver and intestinal drainage. Keep unwanted elements moving easily out of the body.

Sustain energy

Harness the power of BioActive Carbon® to nurture the mitochondria — the cellular energy powerhouses. Energy is required for good drainage.

Minimize Reactions

Give the body's natural filtration systems a helping hand. Bind unwanted elements and byproducts to maintain well-being on the journey.

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Phase 1: Prepare - Directions

Phase 2: Support the immune system and remove intestinal residue


Support the gut’s regular “housecleaning” functions. Use plant-based ingredients to help “scrub out” unwanted materials and common intestinal buildup.

remove toxins

Continue assisting the body’s routine elimination of toxins. That includes supporting kidney and liver drainage by taking natural plant compounds.


Gently nurture the gut’s natural, healthy balance of bacteria and other microbes. Keep the digestive juices flowing and intestinal contents moving.

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Phase 2: Remove - Directions

Phase 3: Build momentum for a deeper detox

build on success

Build on the solid groundwork you have established. Ramp up efforts to support healthy immune system balance and function.

Move beyond the gut

Support normal, systemic detox with BioActive Carbon. With an ability to travel beyond the gut, this is the game-changer your protocol needs.


Get ready to go deeper in the journey. Nurture the body’s natural detoxification of mild environmental exposures to unwanted elements.

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Phase 3: Build - Directions

Phase 4: Address lingering, everyday toxins from head to toe


Peel away the layers that have stood in the way of optimal health and vibrant living. Turn the tables on everyday toxicity and go deeper.


Support the body’s routine detoxification from mild environmental exposures to elemental toxins and man-made contaminants.


The body was made to work well. Enjoy the fruits of efforts to support the body’s healthy detoxification and favorable performance.

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Phase 4: Restore - Directions

Phase 5: Conquer long-standing challenges and optimize wellness


Fortify the immune system’s natural ability to handle foreign invaders. Support the cleanup of unwanted microbial factors.


Promote immune cell activity deep within the body, such as in the joints, organs, and nervous system. Get to the root of stubborn issues.


Nurture the body’s normal health-promoting functions. Provide what’s needed to help preserve optimal well-being over the long term.

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Phase 5: Deeper Immune Support - Directions

Please Note:

The above 1 dropperful dosages for Immune BORR, Immune BART, Immune BAB, and Immune BOOST are starting dosages. For each of these products, work toward 10 droppersful twice daily until one bottle is gone. This upper dosage may not be reached before the bottle is gone, which is okay. One dropperful (approximately ¼ teaspoon) means squeezing the top bulb fully once and letting the tincture be drawn in.

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