Step 4 - Foundational Protocol

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This step is designed to target and clean up heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium that can build-up in the body over time. The focus is on binding and purging them from tissues, organs, and the brain to restore a natural state of health.

What's Included

TUDCA (tauroursodeoxycholic acid) is a water-soluble bile acid that supports liver, digestive, and mitochondrial health. TUDCA is a vital bile acid, and when combined with NAC and melatonin, its benefits are amplified to help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation throughout the body. This trio of ingredients is powered by BioActive Carbon® technology to maximize its potency, delivery, and repair capabilities.

This cutting-edge foundational supplement aids your body's natural systems in removing unwanted toxins and microbial byproducts. BioActive Carbon® BioTox is a next-level binder that outclasses old-school “spent'' clay and charcoal binders. In addition to binding and flushing out pathogens and toxins, BioActive Carbon® leaves behind restorative carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. This helps repair tissues and heal the damage caused by toxins and pathogens. It also supports your gut microbiome, immune system, and mitochondrial function.

This powerful formula is a one-of-a-kind, natural aid for proper bowel function. Intestinal Mover is designed to encourage healthy gut motility and elimination while providing you with gentle, non-habit-forming relief from occasional constipation. This is the perfect blend of ingredients, fashioned in the precise ratio, providing safe and effective digestive support.

BioActive Carbon® Minerals supports your overall detox regimen with 69 naturally-occurring, plant-derived minerals, and a dozen amino acids. This formula provides the essential building blocks for cellular energy production that are crucial to detoxification support. This innovative product contains 100% organically-complexed, nano-sized molecules, which promote optimal bioavailability and absorption within your body.

Dosing Instructions

Step 4 - Foundational Protocol - Directions


Toxins need a clear exit out of your body. Open your drainage pathways to safely remove harmful substances and avoid reabsorbing them into your system.

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