Step 4 - Foundational Protocol

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This step is designed to target and clean up heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium that can build-up in the body over time. The focus is on binding and purging them from tissues, organs, and the brain to restore a natural state of health.

What's Included

Your body—particularly your liver and kidneys—works daily to filter, detoxify, and remove unwanted elements. This includes common, mild exposures to environmental chemicals, heavy metals, and radioactive elements. BioActive Carbon® MetChem offers support for these routine detox functions. Its short-, medium-, and long-chain carbons function in your gut and systemically to support your body’s natural ability to bind unwanted materials and promote healthy cells.

BioActive Carbon® Minerals supports your overall detox regimen with 69 naturally-occurring, plant-derived minerals, and a dozen amino acids. This formula provides the essential building blocks for cellular energy production that are crucial to detoxification support. This innovative product contains 100% organically-complexed, nano-sized molecules, which promote optimal bioavailability and absorption within your body.

Provide your body with the proper amounts of iodine and iodide needed for optimal thyroid health and natural hormone production. As BioActive Carbon molecules remove harmful halogens, receptors open that are filled with iodine, promoting optimal thyroid balance.

Sometimes inflammation can get stuck in the “on” position, preventing your body from functioning like it was designed to. Help fuel your body with the natural anti-inflammatories in Inflamma Calm. These 11 plant-based inflammation tamers help quiet rogue inflammation back to healthy levels. This can help your body reset, promote detox, and put you on the path to optimum health.

Dosing Instructions

Step 4 - Foundational Protocol - Directions


Toxins need a clear exit out of your body. Open your drainage pathways to safely remove harmful substances and avoid reabsorbing them into your system.

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