Farmers are not getting the protection they need.
Farmer’s Shield gives them the protection they deserve.

Jim followed every protocol they advised him to,
and they told him he would be safe...

Detox protocol

He wore the rubber suit and rubber gloves, plus he always undressed outside after spraying his crops. As a man of routine, Jim took comfort knowing that taking extra precautions would keep him from suffering the same fate as many of his farming neighbors and friends.

You see, over the years, Jim had seen dozens of close friends suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid issues, and even cancer. This motivated Jim to be hypervigilant when using the toxic chemical found in Roundup spray.

But what Jim didn’t know was that he wasn’t the only one in harm’s way...

Jim’s wife, Linda,

was also a woman of routine and discipline. She wasn’t one to work on the crops. But she ran a tight ship when it came to her house and her hardworking husband of 18 years.

When Linda saw a mess, she didn’t have to be asked to clean it up. That included Jim’s laundry. Like clockwork, every time Jim would leave his dirty clothes lying around, Linda would wash them, fold them, and put them back where they belonged.

This was no different for Jim’s spraying suite. When she saw it on the ground, she picked it up (without gloves) and made sure it was clean and ready for Jim’s next spraying.

Linda ended up getting cancer and passing away at a very young age.

Jim was safe, but Linda was getting unintentionally exposed to glyphosate in high doses, with no protection whatsoever.

Farmers Shield

What if there was something
Jim could have done to protect his late-wife?

Well, there is good news … Microbe Formulas has a powerful supplement line known as Farmer’s Shield.

Think of it as insurance for your body and your loved ones. Whether you’re aware of it or not, if you have been exposed to glyphosate, your body can stockpile heavy metal toxins found in the toxic weed killer.

Your body can only hold so many of these metals until they overflow, flooding your bloodstream, cells, and vital organs. For some individuals, it only takes a few months for this to happen. For others, it takes years.

Farmer’s Shield helps safely detox your body, removing the harmful heavy metals and reducing your risk of related illness.

Our proprietary formulas are designed to specifically
target and bind the lethal toxins found in glyphosate.
Get your Farmer’s Shield Product Bundle before it’s too late.

Watch an in-depth conversation with Dr. Don Huber on the effects of glyphosate on the human body.

Don M. Huber (born 1935) is a former Purdue University professor who maintains that glyphosate and genetically-modified (GMO), herbicide-tolerant crops are linked to human and animal health risks. Huber explains that animals fed GMO crops are dying in record numbers and that there is a correlation between GMO soy and GMO corn with inflammatory bowel disease in people in the United States. He has linked glyphosate to Alzheimer’s disease, gout, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, allergies, and fertility issues.

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself: What’s in Farmer’s Shield?
Sounds like snake oil to me...


TUDCA Plus supports liver, digestive, and mitochondrial health. TUDCA is a vital bile acid, and when combined with NAC and melatonin, its benefits are amplified to help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation throughout the body. This trio of superstar ingredients is powered by BioActive Carbon to maximize its potency.


After years of testing, we found the ideal ingredients in proper proportions that make Intestinal Mover a one-of-a-kind, natural constipation reliever. Not a laxative, Intestinal Mover is specifically designed to help encourage normal gut motility while providing you with natural, non-habit-forming, gentle relief without complications or discomfort.


When you want maximum toxin binding and removal, choose BioActive Carbon BioTox. With its optimized binding ability, BioTox supports your fight against biotoxins like mold, ammonia, sulfur, Candida, and fungal toxins. It is also beneficial for supporting the removal of both bacterial and viral by-products. To top it off, it aids in balancing the microbiome in your gut for optimal intestinal health.


With over 69 naturally occurring, plant-derived trace minerals and a dozen amino acids, BioActive Carbon Minerals supports your overall detox regimen while providing additional building blocks to energize your body. This solution contains 100% organically complexed, nano-sized molecules, which allows them to be completely bioavailable to the human body.


Harnessing the benefits of specific fulvic acid extracts, MitoRestore is formulated to enhance mitochondrial function and upregulate ATP production. While improving energy levels, MitoRestore improves your ability to detoxify to maximize your health protocols. MitoRestore promotes cellular renewal and helps mitochondria in their role of viral protection.


The build-up of heavy metals and environmental toxins can drastically reduce your health and natural body functions. BioActive Carbon MetChem uses long-, medium-, and short-chain carbon molecules from organically sourced, plant-derived fulvic and humic acid extracts to bind and remove heavy metals and pesticides systemically in your body. With this extra support, your body can begin to heal and restore itself back to its optimal state.

Standard Dosage

Standard Dosing - Farmers Shield
Farmer’s Shield Product Bundle
Farmer's Shield

*The bundle includes one bottle of each product pictured.

The facts on glyphosate are:

“Jury orders Monsanto to pay nearly $290 million in Roundup trial”
“Popular weed killer’s alleged link to cancer stirs widespread concern
Glyphosate, Roundup’s active ingredient, is the most widely used herbicide in the United States
“Weed-Whacking Herbicide Proves Deadly to Human Cells
“Two juries have implicated Roundup as the cause of cancer in frequent users
About 100 million pounds are applied to U.S. farms and lawns every year, according to the EPA”

We could continue on and on with these, but we’re more excited about how your body reacts to our products.

Microbe Formulas offers a 60-day, risk-free guarantee with the Farmer’s Shield Product Bundle, so you can try the products without hesitation.

Get the protection you deserve
with the Farmer’s Shield Bundle.