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Dr. Jay Davidson discusses how the Wellness Series will help you take your health to the next level. He explains:

  • Why your mindset matters
  • How to start your wellness journey
  • What is Microbe Formula's "secret sauce"

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Phase 1: Energy & Drainage

No matter what you’ve been diagnosed with, the components of this phase are foundational to your healing journey. They’ll prepare you for true detox by opening your energy and drainage pathways. This will help minimize “hiccups” or side effects along the way.

Seems to be clearing up stuff!

"Gentle and definitely helps with constipation. Can’t wait to experience phase 2."

Marcia J. Verified Buyer


Phase 1

"It certainly gets your intestines activated. Interesting the array of fecal matter that gets expelled. I’m a person with MS for 30 years and was hoping that this detox program would give me back some energy and stamina. I’m certainly feeling the benefits and am looking forward to what Phase 2 will bring "

Nicola G. Verified Buyer


Works Gently Behind Scene

"It’s working well. I have great energy and minimal discomfort at end of the protocol. Looking forward to starting Phase 2."

Patricia M. Verified Buyer


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