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Dr. Jay Davidson, D.C., PSc.D

You may know Dr. Jay Davidson as “The Lyme Guy,” as one of the docs behind CellCore Biosciences and Microbe Formulas, or as an expert speaker and international best-selling author on foundational medicine and overcoming chronic illness.

After nearly losing his wife Heather (a doctor herself) to Lyme disease twice, through trial and error Dr. Jay Davidson finally learned what was needed to give Dr. Heather her health and life back.

Around this time, Dr. Jay and Dr. Heather began hearing from people across the globe whose stories resonated very closely with Dr. Heather’s, but had no one to turn to for guidance.

This is when Dr. Jay realized they had identified a major gap in the natural health world. This led him to co-found CellCore Biosciences and Microbe Formulas, health companies that create supplements to support gut and immune health. 

Dr. Jay Davidson is admired for his ability to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the layperson. He’s a sought-after speaker on a wide range of health topics and has been featured on hundreds of docuseries and summits, along with hosting eight of his own that attracted over 360,000 participants. Previously, he supported patients through “Dr. Jay’s At-Home Program,” guiding them through his five-step protocol.

Dr. Jay Davidson completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse and majored in biology with a biomedical concentration and chemistry minor. He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic at the Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minnesota.

He’s the author of two international best-selling books: How to Fix Lyme Disease: 3 Secrets to Improve Any Lyme Disease Treatment and 5 Steps to Restoring Health Protocol: Helping Those Who Haven’t Been Helped with Lyme Disease, Thyroid Problems, Adrenal Fatigue, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Digestive Issues, and More

Other Articles By the Author

My Oh Migraine! How to Go Beyond Headache Pain and Get Your Life Back

Headaches can really knock you out. They can make it difficult to function and can affect your quality of life. Almost everyone gets headaches — approximately 95% of people will have a headache at some point. But if your headaches are severe or regular, that’s not normal. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

headache headaches Lyme Lyme disease migraines mold mold toxicity parasite parasites


Go with Your Gut: Keeping Your Gut Healthy During the Holidays

With all the seasonal holiday fun and food, your gut health can take a hit. In this article, learn how to manage stress and improve gut health for the holiday seasons.

Diet gut brain axis gut health healthy diet Holidays nutrition nutrition and diet Sugar


Having the Gall to Get Healthy: How Good Bile Flow Fights Gallstones and Boosts Your Health

The gallbladder and liver have far-reaching effects on your health. When these important organs become plugged up, bile can stop flowing through them as it should and begin to form gallstones. But there are a number of ways you can help alleviate gallstones and prevent new ones from forming.

bile bile duct bile ducts bile flow detox detoxification drainage gallbladder gallbladder health gallstones


Handling Your Health: What Is Visceral Manipulation?

Visceral manipulation will gently glide your organs back into place, open your drainage pathways, and release built-up toxins. Sometimes, your body just needs a little encouragement to perform at its fullest, and visceral manipulation can coax your organs and fascia to get moving again.

Detox Drainage drainage pathways fascia Visceral manipulation


Signals of Danger: EMFs and Their Hazardous Effects on Your Health

We love our devices. Most people are addicted to their smartphone, laptop, or fancy watch that tracks their every move. But the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that these devices emit can mess with our health if we don't know what they can do and how to protect ourselves.

Brain EMF EMF sensitivity EMFs frequency infertility


5 Tips to Boost Immune Function Naturally

Whether you’re exposed to the flu, a severe cold, or something else, you need a strong immune system to stay well. Bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens confront our immune system daily. Making sure you are up to the challenge is crucial. And there are natural ways to ensure that is always the case.

detox Diet EMFs immune support immune system sleep


Your Complete Guide to Healthy Travel and Post-Vacation Recovery

Here’s your complete guide on how to stay healthy while traveling, including what to pack, the most common travel-related health complications, and how to do a post-vacation detox.

Lyme Lyme disease Recovery Summer Ticks Toxins Travel


13 Health Benefits of Getting in Touch with Nature

Do you feel better when you are outside in nature? You are not alone. The sounds, sights, smells, and feelings of the natural world can be mentally and spiritually restorative. But did you know that being in touch with nature can also help support good physical health? Read for 13 top health benefits of being in nature.

Healing health benefits Mood


Why Detox Matters for Metabolism and Weight Loss

When you think "weight loss," you may not immediately think "detox." But you should. Toxins and other harmful substances can interfere with your metabolism and weight-loss goals. Of course, diet and exercise are crucial, but progress can be halted without a healthy internal terrain.

Detox Diet Exercise Fat Metabolism Mitochondrial health Physical activity Weight gain Weight loss


Word of Mouth: Biological Dentistry and What Your Mouth Is Really Telling You

Your smile is usually one of the first things that people notice about you, so of course you want it to look good. But your mouth can also be the key to good health. With biological dentistry, you get the best of both worlds. Through non-toxic approaches, individualized treatment, and a holistic outlook on health, you can balance the importance of a glowing grin with full-body wellness.

biological dentist biological dentistry gut heatlh oral health vagus nerve


Head in the Clouds: What Brain Fog Is and How to Clear It

We’ve all had those moments. You can’t think of somebody’s name, you forget your point mid-sentence, or you can’t seem to recall what happened yesterday. Brain fog can be scary and disruptive. But there are ways to fight it, deal with it, and even reverse it. Your diet and daily activities could be the key to clarity.

brain brain fog gut-brain axis gut-brain connection memory


Why Heavy Metal Toxicity and Safety Is Misunderstood

It’s normal to feel concerned about heavy metal toxicity, especially when it comes to your food, supplements, and water. Trying to avoid all heavy metals may seem challenging, overwhelming, or downright impossible. But with the right knowledge about these substances, protecting yourself becomes much simpler.

binders heavy metal detox heavy metal toxicity heavy metals minerals prop 65


The Nature of the East: The Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Health Practices

How much do you know about Eastern medicine? Maybe you’ve taken tai chi at your local gym. Or maybe you know your Chinese goji berries from your Brazilian acai berries. But are you familiar with the philosophy behind all this? Learn how traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can make you a healthier person overall.

balance Chinese Medicine exercise nutrition nutrition and diet qi TCM


Best Lymph Detox: How to Detox Your Lymphatic System Naturally

Stagnation breeds sickness. Especially with your lymphatic system. When it comes to this important bodily function, everyone should know the basics. Uncover the purpose of your lymphatic system and how to support lymphatic detox naturally.

lymph lymph detox lymphatic lymphatic detox lymphatic support


Distilled Water 101: Is It a Safe, Healthy Option?

There are so many types of water to drink that it can be difficult to choose the healthiest one for you. No matter what filtration method is used to purify water, some harmful contaminants are always left behind — unless you're drinking and using distilled water. See how changing your water can change your health.

contaminant contamination distilled water drink water heavy metals parasite pesticides Pure Water toxins water


Women’s Health Guide for Over 35: How to Overcome These 5 Common Concerns

Here are 5 common health issues women over the age of 35 should keep in mind. With a little knowledge and ways to address them, you will be well on your way to cruising through your midlife as the best version of yourself. 

anxiety blood pressure depression osteoporosis parasites toxins women's health


Hidden Symptoms and Sources of Chronic Lyme Disease

Chronic infection is on the rise. Symptoms and sources can be misunderstood and confused. Find out more about the hidden sources and symptoms of Lyme and discover a new approach to improved health.

chronic infection Lyme lyme symptoms parasites


At-Home Health Care for Children: Natural Edition

As a parent, you worry about your child 24/7. You do everything in your power to ensure your child eats well, gets enough exercise, and has enough rest. So you will love this information on how to prevent common and long-term health concerns in your children. Follow these natural steps to keep your kids safe and healthy.

children detox detoxification glyphosate heavy metal detox kids natural remedies Natural strategies


Train Your Mitochondria Into Shape: Natural Ways to Enhance Sports Performance

All athletes, no matter at what level, want to make sure they are at their peak athletic performance during competition. And although athletes pay close attention to what they put in their bodies, it's just as important, if not more so, to support the natural body processes that provide energy and endurance. Here's how.

athletes energy mitochondria nutrition nutrition and diet


The Complete Sun Exposure Guide: The Good, the Bad, and Natural Sunburn Treatments

Chances are you’ve stayed in the sun too long before and wound up with an angry, painful sunburn. If you have, you know that the pain, itching, and peeling make it anything but fun. But with good nutritional support and careful planning, you may not have to feel the burn quite so often. See how.

inflammation mitochondria sun


The Limbic System: What It Is and How It Affects Healing

The brain is the most complex computer in the world. But it controls more than just thinking. Your brain, specifically the limbic system, has a huge effect on how you feel. Depression, anxiety, joy, and excitement can all be influenced by what you eat and how you live. Learn the natural ways to balance your body and emotions.

detox detoxification emotional health environmental toxins limbic system Mental Health mood nutrition


Black Carbon and Heavy Metals: A Deadly Duo to Our Health

This tag team isn't one you want to cheer for. Rather, it's a duo you want to avoid and work to both minimize exposure and detox from its impacts. Find out how black carbon and heavy metals make a gnarly combo.

heavy metal toxicity heavy metals


Detox vs. Cleanse: What’s the Difference?

Just about everywhere you turn, there are toxins that can cause a variety of symptoms. You know you want to remove them from your body. But should you cleanse or detox? What is the difference? Which one is right for you? Find out here how you can make the best choice for your body and naturally restore your own energy and health.

detox detoxification Gut Cleanse Kidney & Liver parasite cleanse


Phytonutrients to Boost Health: Benefits, Sources, and Types

Phytonutrients, or phytochemicals, are powerful nutrient-like substances found in plants. A diet rich in these nutrients can support the human body's ability to thrive. Explore the benefits of phytochemicals, where to find them, and how to start "eating the rainbow."

health benefits nutrition phytochemicals whole foods


PCOS & Endometriosis: What Every Woman Should Know

Have you ever heard of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis? Both are conditions that affect the endocrine system and hormones — which, as a woman, are part of your everyday life. Thankfully, there are natural ways to ease symptoms and support balanced hormones.

endometriosis hormones PCOS toxins women's health


9 Common Pregnancy Complaints and How to Address Them

Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience for a woman, but it can also be uncomfortable and troublesome at times. Some of this discomfort is just part of being pregnant, but if the issues are especially bothersome, it’s good to have some strategies and advice to cope. Here are some natural ways to get some relief.

nutrition nutrition and diet pregnancy


Infertility: Common Causes and Ways to Help

Infertility is a rising problem today. Around 1 in 10 couples worldwide have difficulty getting pregnant. Many factors can impact infertility in both men and women. If this has been a problem for your family, you may consider looking inside your body to naturally root out some fundamental causes of infertility.

glyphosate heavy metals infertility Lyme disease mitochondria pregnancy radioactive elements toxins


10 Nutrients to Maintain Optimal Liver Health

Knowing what to do to optimize liver health can be daunting. It doesn't have to be. Find out more about what nutrients fuel the body's sentry, guardian, and watchman — the liver.

Kidney & Liver Detox liver detox liver health


Sneaky Lyme Coinfections: Could You Have Them?

Lyme disease may not be the only stealth infection you're up against. Babesia, Bartonella, and other coinfections could also be standing in the way of your good health. Learn the symptoms of these sneaky pathogens and how to lay the groundwork to conquer them.


Babesia Bartonella Borrelia burgdorferi coinfections Lyme


Good Sleep, Better Health, Great Life

An estimated 50 million to 70 million Americans suffer from a chronic lack of sleep. Poor sleep hinders their daily functioning and impairs their health and longevity. Sleep disorders can cause many health problems. But there are natural ways to improve the duration and quality of your sleep.

detox sleep


Is Fibromyalgia a Mitochondrial Disorder?

Fibromyalgia is one of the most common pain disorders, yet its etiology is still unknown. For people with this disorder, body aches, fuzzy thinking, and chronic fatigue can severely compromise their quality of life. Could it be related to dysfunction in our cells' powerhouses, the mitochondria?

fibromyalgia mitochondria mitochondrial dysfunction


Dark Side of the Lunar Cycle: How It Affects Health and Monthly Detox Tips

The lunar cycle has a unique link to nature, from animals to the ocean tide. But how does the lunar cycle influence human health and behavior? Learn how the lunar cycle affects hormones, the insidious connection to parasites, and ways to support your body during the next fullest phase of the moon.

detox lunar cycles parasites


Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Finding and Addressing the Root Cause

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune condition that damages the thyroid gland. This also is the most common cause of hypothyroidism, or not producing enough thyroid hormones. Find out about common symptoms, the testing process, potential causes, and ways to support thyroid health. 

autoimmune chronic illness hashimoto's toxicity


8 Signs You Have a Candida Infection

Candida overgrowth is often overlooked and detected a little too late. Read more to understand the most common causes and signs so that you can detect any overgrowth risk before your condition worsens.

candida candida causes candida symptoms chronic infection infection


Back to the Basics: Why Does Liver Health Matter?

In this article, we break down liver health basics and highlight the key functions of this vital organ. In addition to that, we touch on unhealthy liver symptoms,  supporting the liver, and more.

Kidney & Liver Detox liver liver detox liver health


10 Ways Glyphosate Could Harm Your Health

The makers of glyphosate say the weed killer is safe. But research suggests glyphosate is dangerous to people, especially as it accumulates in your body. Not only may it increase your risk of serious health issues, but it may also lead to other organ disease and dysfunction. Find out the health risks of glyphosate, plus how to detox it.

glyphosate pesticides


Essential Minerals for the Body: Do You Have Everything You Need?

Don't rely on mineral water to get the essential minerals that your body needs. Discover what essentials minerals are critical, which require daily intake, and two easy steps to get more minerals in your life.


The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis: How Your Gut and Brain Are Connected

Your gut and brain talk to each other. But it’s a three-way conversation. The microbes in your gut weigh in, too. In fact, the community of bacteria in your gut greatly influences what happens in your body. That affects your risk of anxiety, depression, poor memory, gut issues, and more.

anxiety depression gut-brain axis leaky gut memory microbiome


How Do I Know If I Have a Babesia Infection?

Babesia is a common Lyme disease coinfection. Like the Lyme bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, tick bites transfer babesia. This can cause a variety of symptoms, particularly excessive sweating and shortness of breath. Read on for helpful botanicals and why to take a comprehensive detox approach. 



Air Pollution’s Link to Brain Disorders: Fight Back Now

Never underestimate the value of good, old-fashioned clean air to keep you healthy. Depression and several other nervous system disorders are linked to air pollution, including the toxic heavy metals in dirty air. Find out what you can do now to protect your brain.

brain depression heavy metals mental health


3 Main Benefits of Coffee Enemas (Plus 1 Instructional Guide)

Confused about enemas? While an awkward and uncomfortable subject, implementing coffee enemas as part of your routine or detox protocol can help you support your health in some incredible ways. Read this article to learn how!

coffee enema


Ayurveda: What Are Doshas and How Do You Balance Them?

Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine, figured out what’s best for your body type or dosha long before modern science. By balancing your unique mix of vata, pitta, and kapha doshas, you can gently and naturally nudge your body to health.

Ayurveda balance


Tricks and Tips to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard (And Off Your Kids and Pets!)

Ticks and the infectious diseases they carry pose a significant health crisis, particularly in the spread of Lyme disease. Through a few approaches—both new and time-tested—you can help get ticks away from your kids and pets, out of your environment, and off your lawn.

coinfections Lyme Lyme disease ticks


Secrets to Healthy Zinc Levels (Hint: Do a Parasite Cleanse)

Making sure your body has enough zinc may not be as simple as eating foods rich in the mineral. A hidden parasitic infection could be zapping your zinc. And worse, when youre low on zinc, the critters thrive. The good news is, theres a clever way out of this catch-22.

parasite cleanse parasite infection parasites parasitic infection zinc


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Understanding and Managing It

Have you noticed you react strongly to laundry soap or perfume unlike others around you? You could have multiple chemical sensitivity. Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is a chronic illness where your body has intense responses when exposed to everyday chemicals. Learn more about MCS, its symptoms, and getting to its root cause. 

chronic illness detoxification drainage healing journey multiple chemical sensitivity root cause sensitivities


Top 7 Ways to Mind Your Mitochondria for Optimal Energy

What is the job of the mitochondria? Your mind, your matter, and all that you are require these little engines to reach high levels of energy and health. These 7 steps will help you get there!

energy mitochondria mitochondrion


Women: Are You Aware of These Candida Complications?

Calling all ladies! This article digs into everything you need to know about birth control, depression, and infertility, and how they are linked to a common fungal infection: Candida.

candida candida support