Cancer can be a manifestation of things that we're not taking care of.

It can be the body's way of letting us know that we're not making
ourselves a priority.

And, I know that not everyone believes that,
but I believe that there's truth to that when it comes to my journey.

-Abby Stimpson


Everyone’s path is different and unique. It is often when our backs are against the wall that we find the strength and clarity to push on. For Abby Stimpson, her journey was a battle. A battle that involved multiple experiences with cancer, a growing family and trying some supplements that she hoped would help her heal. But ultimately, Abby’s battle would involve discovery of new truths and hope.

This Microbementary is a story of trial and triumph told by Abby, her husband and some of her boys. Spanning several years, her battle includes her own father’s fight with cancer, her own struggle with cancer, the mistakes made by major medical doctors and hospitals, the toll each battle took on her beautiful family and how a little known supplement company helped her heal.

Our team at Microbe Formulas wants to give a special thank you to Abby and her family for sharing her story. We invite you to watch Abby’s story and look for ways to find hope and health in your own life.


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