Air pollution takes a massive toll on our health. The World Health Organization links it to deadly diseases like lung cancer and stroke, and new research suggests that polluted regions see more cases of neurological disorders like depression and bipolar disorder.

Start protecting your family with this simple detox protocol

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What's Included

BioActive Carbon MetChem

BioActive Carbon MetChem uses long-, medium-, and short-chain carbon molecules from organically sourced, plant-derived fulvic and humic acid extracts to bind and remove heavy metals and toxins systemically in your body.


TUDCA Plus supports liver, digestive, and mitochondrial health. TUDCA is a vital bile acid, and when combined with NAC and melatonin, its benefits are amplified to help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation throughout the body.

BioActive Carbon Minerals

With over 69 naturally occurring, plant-derived trace minerals and a dozen amino acids, BioActive Carbon Minerals supports your overall detox regimen while providing additional building blocks to energize your body. This solution contains 100% organically complexed, nano-sized molecules, which allows them to be completely bioavailable to the human body.

Dosing Instructions

Viral and Retroviral - Directions
Microbe Formulas Customer Testimonials
I find all your products of the highest and purist standard and feel the difference in my body since I started using it. It has changed my life. Thank you so much.

Helen L.

Detox Hero
Microbe Formulas Customer Testimonials
When I got my lab work back after detoxing with MetChem I had much better results than from other products on the market. This cleared stuff out from when I was a toddler in my Dad's leaded gas station/repair shop. It definitely did its job and was very notable!

Marie H.

Detox Hero

How pollution affects our health

The most dangerous opponent is one that we don’t feel attacking us directly.

The quality of the air we breathe is sadly becoming a dangerous opponent to our good health. We truly underestimate how harmful toxic air pollution really is.

Particulate matter is a serious public health issue.

As defined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, “Particulate matter, also known as particle pollution, is a complex mixture of tiny particles and liquid droplets that get into the air. Once inhaled, these particles can affect the heart and lungs and cause serious health effects.”

One of the most common types of particulate matter is black carbon.

Black carbon can bond with heavy metals in the environment and be absorbed into the liver, potentially working its way into the brain.

Black carbon attracts heavy metals to its surface bringing more potential harm to our bodies.

Heavy metals like aluminum, lead, and mercury disrupt normal metabolic functions. They increase inflammation and inhibit needed enzymes from working.

Chronic exposure to heavy metals can lead to impaired growth, allergies, autism, lower IQ, and edema in the brain.

How to prevent heavy metal toxicity
from air pollution

Does MetChem pull heavy metals all the way out of the body?

Bind The Bad

The first thing we need to do is remove the heavy metals.

BioActive Carbon MetChem contains plant-based extracts of humic and fulvic acid bound to high-energy carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. This complex binds the “bad” with enough high energy to not let go of it.

BioActive Carbon MetChem helps get heavy metals out of your body instead of merely redistributing it.

Build The Good

BioActive Carbon Minerals are completely saturated with the bioavailable forms of minerals you need for great health.

As you work to remove the toxic heavy metals, BioActive Carbon Minerals leave the right ones restoring the building blocks for our bodies to work optimally.

Having an ample amount of the organic minerals that we do need also helps prevent accumulating toxic heavy metals.

For example, lead mimics other essential minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc.

If there is an abundant amount of good minerals, there will be less opportunity for lead to “clog up” our system.

Protect youself and your family
with this heavy metal and enviromental toxin detox kit


How do these products work
to detox the body?

Meet the doctors
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I went through a course of about four years treating Lyme Disease and Babesia, but I couldn't overcome my chronic fatigue and other issues. It wasn't until I learned I had parasites and discovered the effects of the BioActive Carbon products that I was able to change my life.

— Dr. Todd Watts

Co-Founder, Microbe Formulas

As I have watched my wife struggle with Hashimoto's Disease and other health issues, it is in these challenges where new understanding of the protocols and new understanding of the body came to be. An understanding that helped me realize if she could get well, who else is out there like my wife that is struggling? That is what led me to the journey of Microbe Formulas that I am on today.

— Dr. Jay Davidson

Co-Founder, Microbe Formulas


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