Don’t let these uncertain times lead you in the wrong direction.
Take action that protects your faith and your health.
We live in the most uncertain of times and it has never been more important for us to get a handle on our health. Fear is spreading more rapidly than ever before. And as you know, the key to driving out fear is faith. And the key to faith is ACTION.

If you have been following me for any part of my 25+ year journey, you know that I don’t ever promote or endorse products or companies. But after I personally experienced how powerful and effective the products from Microbe Formulas worked for my body, I couldn’t help but reach out to them and ask if I could tell the world about their company.

I know so many of you deal with several of the health issues I had, and I want to tell you that there is hope for you. From recovering from a cancer battle to passing several parasites, Microbe Formulas provided the supplements I needed to get my body back, and they can help you too!

This company not only has the products to help you on your health journey towards freedom, but they also have the heart and people behind it to truly make a difference.

I can’t encourage you enough to give these products a try. Drive your fears of uncertainty away by taking action now. The results you will experience will make a dramatic impact on your body.

If it works for me, I know it can work for you too.
Leave the land of fear and uncertainty by boosting your immune system.

Learn more about the amazing health journey behind these products

I went through a course of about four years treating Lyme Disease and Babesia, but I couldn't overcome my chronic fatigue and other issues. It wasn't until I learned I had parasites and discovered the effects of the BioActive Carbon products that I was able to change my life.

— Dr. Todd Watts

Co-Founder, Microbe Formulas

As I have watched my wife struggle with Hashimoto's disease and other health issues, it is in these challenges where new understanding of the protocols and new understanding of the body came to be. An understanding that helped me realize if she could get well, who else is out there like my wife that is struggling? That is what led me to the journey of Microbe Formulas that I am on today.

— Dr. Jay Davidson

Co-Founder, Microbe Formulas

These products work in tandem with your body to help reduce inflammation, up-regulate your mitochondrial function, and supply you with the nutrients you need to boost your immune system. Together they act like a “life-preserver” for your mitochondria.


When you want maximum toxin binding and removal, choose BioActive Carbon BioTox. With its optimized binding ability, BioTox supports your fight against biotoxins like mold, ammonia, sulfur, Candida, and fungal toxins. It is also beneficial for supporting the removal of both bacterial and viral by-products. To top it off, it aids in balancing the microbiome in your gut for optimal intestinal health.


With over 69 naturally occurring, plant-derived trace minerals and a dozen amino acids, BioActive Carbon Minerals supports your overall detox regimen while providing additional building blocks to energize your body. This solution contains 100% organically complexed, nano-sized molecules, which allows them to be completely bioavailable to the human body.


Harnessing the benefits of specific fulvic acid extracts, MitoRestore is formulated to enhance mitochondrial function and upregulate ATP production. While improving energy levels, MitoRestore improves your ability to detoxify to maximize your health protocols. MitoRestore promotes cellular renewal and helps mitochondria in their role of viral protection.

Inflamma Calm

Sometimes inflammation can get stuck in the “on” position, preventing your body from functioning like it was designed to. Help fuel your body with the natural anti-inflammatories in Inflamma Calm. These 11 plant-based inflammation tamers help quiet rogue inflammation back to healthy levels. This can help your body reset, promote detox, and put you on the path to optimum health.

Standard Dosage

Standard Dosing - Immune Boost
Immune Boost

*The bundle includes one bottle of each product pictured.