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I've been diagnosed with                        , where do I begin?

This is a common experience and one that elicits a myriad of responses. One of the most important things to consider in an instance like this is what a diagnosis means and understand what the resulting label--sometimes one we then place on ourselves--causes. Diagnoses and labels often serve to limit us mentally. They provide convenience (for example “oh, now I know why…”) but many times get in the way of us getting to the root of our obstacle.

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Kidney & Liver Support

This unique blend of natural ingredients is designed to help strengthen and restore your body’s natural ability to drain, filter, and detoxify itself through the kidneys and liver.

Intestinal Mover

Not a laxative, Intestinal Mover is specifically designed to help encourage normal peristalsis while providing you natural, non habit-forming, gentle relief without complications or discomfort.

BioActive Carbon Foundation

Designed to get to the source of symptoms caused by viruses, retroviruses, radiation, and chemical toxins, BioActive Carbon Foundation is formulated using nanotechnology to bind and deliver nutrients at the cellular level.

BioActive Carbon Minerals

With over 69 naturally occurring, plant-derived trace minerals and a dozen amino acids, BioActive Carbon Minerals supports your overall detox regimen while providing additional building blocks to energize your body.


MitoRestore is formulated to enhance mitochondrial function and upregulate ATP production. While improving energy levels, MitoRestore improves your ability to detoxify and maximize your health protocols.

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Viral and Retroviral - Directions
Microbe Formulas Customer Testimonials
I’ve had some amazing results from using the Foundation. Old viruses are moving out. I believe this is a key part for overall health and will continue to use this, among other Microbe Formulas products.

Leona B.

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Microbe Formulas Customer Testimonials
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One of the key concerns for those who find themselves recently “labeled” is whether or not this label will result in what we’ll term for this context “tunnel vision.” Will they focus on the negative? What information will they find that “validates” the label while avoiding the actual source of their newly named challenge?

Will this become the one thing that rules their life--or what will they allow to rule it? And what about the response from families and friends? One of the hardest challenges those of us who have dealt with this situation personally face is others’ misunderstanding, potential lack of empathy, and heightened emotions because of the situation. Sometimes that which we do not fully understand ourselves can be difficult to explain to others, making their responses come across as unfeeling. The fact may be that your family member or friend simply has no frame of reference, and since the symptoms you may have aren’t staring them in the face, they don’t know how to react.

The current state of Western medicine is all about the convenience of a “label.” It’s all about out-diagnosing everyone else. What label, what diagnosis, what box, what category can someone be put in as an attempt at understanding is made. Healthcare professionals, most of them meaning well, do this daily. This labeling and “boxing” can have serious, unintended side effects. The most serious of these side effects is the aforementioned tunnel vision, but this tunnel vision can lead to more grave consequences.

This is why we advocate caution when it comes to where to begin in the wake of what we’ll term as a “labeling diagnosis.”

If we don’t take proper care, we lose sight of the options we have, the hope we can cultivate, and the ability we have to truly understand how we can best progress toward wellness.

Microbe Formulas Customer Testimonials
I've found BioActive Carbon Foundation super helpful and noticed a difference within a week already. Mental clarity returned and symptoms related to chemical and radiation toxicity as well as the viral load lessened considerably. I highly recommend this to anyone who has had challenges with chronic conditions, exposure to radioactive substances, viral and retroviral issues, or chemical poisoning.

Jelena M.

Detox Hero

So Where Do We Begin?

The old saying is “all roads lead to Rome.” As we address our diagnosis and truly work toward getting to the core of the issue, we can’t take just any route. Our first on-ramp needs to be drainage. By starting our effort here, despite it not being all that exciting, we focus on what is most important--supporting our body’s ability to move things that we don’t want inside to the outside of our bodies. Drainage is simply that: how well--or how poorly--the body processes and moves things out of our body.

Perhaps the easiest visual to illustrate this process is to use a funnel. At the bottom of this funnel, we have the colon. As we move up the funnel, we get to the liver, kidneys, and bile duct, and then up further to the lymphatic system.

Of course, the hallmark of any well-functioning drainage system is that it actually drains. If a drainage system has blockage at any stage, it doesn’t work and typically, produces painful results. These can range from constipation to bloating if you’re not moving your bowels regularly, to toxic die-off symptoms to other things that could have been effectively preempted.

Sensitive? The higher your sensitivity the more you’ll want to focus on drainage and the more you’ll want to push detox. Remember, if your pathways aren’t draining, those toxins that you’re trying to flush out of your system will become blocked and you’ll end up with herxing symptoms. It’s clear that drainage remains a critical component to your body’s ability to deal with those things that have been residing in your system that no longer feel welcome because of the work you’re doing.

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