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Viruses and Retroviruses

An in-depth look at how viruses and retroviruses affect your health

Viruses and Retroviruses

Could a virus or retrovirus be contributing to your chronic, complex illness? These microbes can suppress your immune system, reproduce inside your cells, alter your genetic material, hide inside parasites, and make other infections worse.

Viruses tend to target specific cells and tissues in your body. When infected by a virus, a host cell is forced to produce thousands of identical copies of the virus at an extraordinary rate. In some cases, the genetic material of a virus can remain dormant within a cell for years until triggered again.

Some viruses and retroviruses can be incredibly dangerous. In an ideal world, you’d do your best to avoid them. But the vast number of viruses makes it very difficult to dodge them entirely. Many people are likely infected and don’t know it. Fortunately, careful lifestyle choices can play a key role in the prevention, management, and treatment of infections.

  • Interviews hosted by Dr. Jay

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