Episode 4: Detoxification

Dr. Jay Davidson discusses Phase 3 of the Detox Starter Protocol, which focuses on detoxification. He explains:

  • How drainage and detoxification differ
  • What heavy metals and chemical toxins are
  • Why you can adjust the dosing of earlier phases

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Phase 3: Detoxification

Now, it’s time to build on the progress you’ve made and achieve even greater results. Continue gut-cleansing and clear pathogens and toxins throughout your body to prepare for deeper detox in Phase 4.

Cheers for Microbe Formulas!

"I have been on Phase 3 for about 6 weeks. The last couple weeks I am noticing an overall increase in strength. Years of chronic illness has taken a toll on my body and I was so weak and had muscle wasting. Taking my time going through the phases is starting to pay off! I am so thankful for Microbe Formulas! They are quality products!"

Julianne E. Verified Buyer


Detox Your Socks off

"I had flu-like symptoms the first three days... which is exactly what was expected if I was full of toxins and my drainage and filter systems were under-performing. I'm now in Phase 3 and feeling better. I wake with more energy. I've cleared out some unwanted critters (I won't go into the gory details). My overall mood is even swinging from hopelessness to belief in a brighter future."

Jason B. Verified Buyer


Game Changer

"This is a revolutionary product. Mimosa Pudica has helped to clean and repair my gut. This is a must have product in my medicine cabinet."

Carol W. Verified Buyer


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