Episode 9: Post Parasite Initial Cleanse

Dr. Jay Davidson discusses how to prevent parasites from building up again after the initial cleanse. He explains:

  • Why it's essential to be persistent and consistent for the initial 90 days
  • How to follow a full moon challenge or periodic cleanse after the initial cleanse
  • What to do if you notice more parasites or symptoms during periodic cleanses

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Full Moon Kit

With a drop in melatonin down regulating the immune system and a spike in serotonin enabling parasite mobility during a full moon, it’s the perfect time to provide your body with extra support to maximize detox results and evict unwanted guests!

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Parasite Cleanse

"After expelling the tar-like matter about 20 minutes later there was watery diarrhea that my body wanted to flush any remaining matter out! I could not believe the relief! Was extremely tired and look me a day to recuperate! Today, I felt really pretty good! So want to Thank You for all your hard research! Your heart and Soul into these formulas!"

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