Microbe Formulas™

BioActive Carbon Iodine

What is it?

The body needs both iodine and iodide--the form commonly added to salt--in order to get its health benefits to the different organs and areas of the body that need them most. In particular, the body needs iodine to ensure that the thyroid works properly. Just having iodine in the system isn’t enough. The body needs it in the proper balance, as an iodine imbalance can lead to an overactive or underactive thyroid--which is where about 80% of the body’s iodine can be found.

As we combat the toxic effects of chlorine, bromine, fluoride--halogens which strip the body of needed iodine--getting the iodine where it’s needed becomes even more crucial.

BioActive Carbon Iodine helps support your body’s natural function by providing it the iodine it needs--with the proper balance.

How is it different?

The game-changer in BioActive Carbon Iodine is the BioActive Carbon compound. This helps deliver the iodine where it needs to go, with the proper pH, and makes it more bioavailable so that the cells that need it most are able to absorb it. The BioActive Carbon protects the iodine as it works through the digestive system, delivering the benefits where needed.

How do we use it?

The recommended dosage is one tablet in the morning at breakfast and a second tablet at lunch. Taking iodine later in the evening can affect effective sleep patterns. Avoid it from the afternoon and into the evening.

What are the body benefits?

So many people have reported that taking BioActive Carbon Iodine has allowed them to get the iodine their body needs in the dosage that works for them with no reactions, which can be common for those with autoimmune diseases or thyroid conditions.

Since iodine helps deliver energy and nutrients to the brain, many individuals report no “afternoon crash” or “3:00 wall.”

For those suffering from thyroid issues or Hashimoto’s, BioActive Carbon Iodine can be a game-changer as well. In treatments, we’ve been able to introduce it earlier in support protocols, allowing those who are in need to realize benefits sooner.