Coffee Enema Solution Booster


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Take your energy, health, and detoxification to the next level by enhancing your coffee enema protocol. Adding oxygen and minerals to your enema solution augments the solution’s effectiveness and absorption. The BioActive Carbons snatch stirred up toxins to help remove them from your body, all while leaving building blocks for repair. You’ll magnify your detox efforts, get a natural energy boost, and increase liver health.

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$209.95 $247.00
I love it. It gives me the energy to stay up with my Kindergarteners that I teach. Adding the liquids to my coffee enema was amazing.

Donna C.

Support Healing

Acts as a support agent in the healing process to ensure oxygen is supplied to any damaged cells

Reduce Fatigue

Increases the amount of oxygen in supply for ATP production and the subsequent supply of energy to the cells

Promote Antioxidants

Supports your production of glutathione to help reduce inflammation and upregulate liver and gut health

What's Included

BioActive Carbon BioTox

BioActive Carbon BioTox

$69.95 regularly $75.00

When you want maximum toxin chelation, choose BioActive Carbon BioTox. With its optimized binding ability, BioTox supports your fight against biotoxins like mold, ammonia, sulfur, Candida, and fungal toxins. It is also beneficial for supporting the removal of both bacterial and viral by-products. To top it off, it aides in balancing the microbiome in your gut for optimal gut health.

BioActive Carbon Foundation

BioActive Carbon Foundation

$59.95 regularly $65.00

Designed to get to the source of symptoms caused by viruses, retroviruses, radiation, and chemical toxins, BioActive Carbon Foundation is formulated using nanotechnology to bind and deliver nutrients at the cellular level. The ability to go systemic makes it an exceptionally effective supplement and a solid foundation for any detox protocol.

BioActive Carbon Minerals

BioActive Carbon Minerals

$44.00 regularly $52.00

With over 70 naturally occurring, plant-derived trace minerals and a dozen amino acids, BioActive Carbon Minerals supports your overall detox regimen while providing additional building blocks to energize your body. This solution contains 100% organically complexed, nano-sized molecules, which allows them to be completely bioavailable to the human body.

BioMolecular Oxygen

BioMolecular Oxygen

$52.00 regularly $55.00

As the “multi-tool” of supplements, you can use BioMolecular Oxygen topically, orally, in a nebulizer, sinus rinse, or even in a coffee enema solution. As a vital component to cellular respiration and healing, it can help you overcome biotoxins and provide support to core bodily functions by improving your tissue oxygen levels.


By leveraging the systemic detox and protective properties of BioActive Carbons, you’ll take the effects of your coffee enema to new heights. You’ll minimize reactions while maximizing mental clarity and vitality. Combining these items in your protocol can help promote better sleep during your detox journey.

Improved Recovery
More Energy
Better Liver & Gut Health

Product FAQs

This bundle does not include coffee enema materials and formula. It contains those Microbe Formulas products that are beneficial as additions to the enema solution itself and as before/after supplements to optimize results of your coffee enema.

Working up to 10 drops of both the Minerals and the Oxygen is something that shouldn't happen over night, but a reasonable goal. Dr. Jay has indicated that you should limit to no more than 30 drops of each if you are looking to push yourself, but that should be the maximum dosage.

We recommend the BioActive Carbon BioTox and BioActive Carbon Foundation to be taken at least 15-30 minutes before/after. Those two should not be mixed in the coffee enema itself, only the two liquid tinctures (Minerals and Oxygen) should be mixed with the enema solution.

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