Why the Foundational Protocol?
In today’s world, toxins hit hard from all angles and dismantle your body’s essential processes. This can manifest in ways like brain fog, chronic fatigue, muscle pain, and so on. The Foundational Protocol is designed to restore fundamental aspects of your health while detoxing harmful substances that stand in the way of wellness.


Our approach to detox is different. It's important to target specific components of your body in the proper order to get to the true sources holding back your health. The Foundational Protocol provides a four-phased proven approach to put you on the road to recovery by guiding you through a true detox experience. 

* This offer includes all products currently available for phases of the Microbe Formulas Foundational Protocol.

Step 1: Boost drainage and energy

Promote Healthy Digestion

Toxins need a clear exit out of your body. Open your drainage pathways to safely remove harmful substances and avoid reabsorbing them into your system.

Build Upon Energy Levels

Your body requires energy to detoxify. Harness the power of BioActive Carbon to deliver essential minerals and lay a better foundation for cellular energy production.

Support Your Detox System

Give the body's natural filtration systems a helping hand. Support your detox organs, including your kidneys and liver, and begin to ease their toxic burden.

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Step 1: Boost drainage and energy

Step 2: Scrub the gut and support immune function

Nurture Your Microbiome

Your gut is the cornerstone of wellness. Gently nurture your gut’s natural, healthy balance of bacteria and other microbes.

Clean Your Insides

Some pathogens disrupt digestion and weaken the immune system. Use plant-based ingredients to help “scrub out” unwanted critters and common intestinal buildup.

Support Your Mitochondria

Promote healthy energy levels by supporting your mitochondria — your body’s cellular energy powerhouses.

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Step 2: Scrub the gut and support immune function

Step 3: Dive deeper into detox

Target Environmental Toxins

Nurture your body’s natural ability to eliminate environmental contaminants and other common immune system challenges.

Detox Beyond the Gut

Support systemic detox with BioActive Carbon. Move past the gut to pull and remove toxins in the cells and tissues.

Replenish and Repair

Toxins can overwhelm your body and stop natural healing processes. Jumpstart your immune system by replenishing healthy energy and oxygen levels.

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Step 3: Dive deeper into detox

Step 4: Tackle leftover, lingering toxins

Detox Lingering Toxins

Some toxins like to hide deep within the body. Target these lingering toxins that have stood in the way of optimal health and vibrant living.

Defend Against Inflammation

Inflammation can block healing and lead to uncomfortable, chronic symptoms. Stimulate your body’s natural anti-inflammatory pathways and help resist oxidative stress.

Welcome to the Real You

The body was made to work well. Move forward, free of toxins that once burdened your body, and embrace wellness.

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Tackle leftover, lingering toxins

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