Detox Starter Protocol


Detox Starter Protocol


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Our approach to detox is different. We believe that you are in control, and we are here to help. The Detox Starter Protocol helps you by putting the most effective products in your hands to guide you through a true detox experience. With 28 total bottles, access to the Wellness Series -- a comprehensive video guide, and a limited time automatic discount of over 28% off, you will have everything you need to take back your health. 

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$1,624.40 $1,831.00
To know that all these products work together made it accessible for me to wrap my brain around and easy to follow.

Stacie Kendall


Prepare your body for a successful true detox experience.


Remove pathogens, toxins, and undesirable elements.


Build momentum for a deeper detox.


Eliminate heavy metals. Restore your natural state of health.

I've been diagnosed with                        ,
where do I begin?

I've been diagnosed with?

Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel stuck? Have your health challenges taken over your identity? Do you feel alone on your journey?

Take Back Your Identity.

Dr. Jay Davidson explains how the Starter Protocol is a system that provides you everything you need to get started on your journey to take back your identity and unlock your health.

Understanding the Protocol

Each phase is designed to help you on your journey to wellness.

What's Included

What's included in the Microbe Formulas protocol

Phase 1: Prepare

Phase 1 begins with 1 bottle of Intestinal Mover, 1 bottle of Kidney & Liver Detox, 1 bottle of BioActive Carbon BioTox, and 1 bottle of BioActive Carbon Minerals.

Phase 2: Remove

Phase 2 keeps BioActive Carbon BioTox and BioActive Carbon Minerals the same while increasing Kidney & Liver Detox to 2 bottles. BioActive Carbon Foundation is added at 2 bottles along with 1 bottle of Mimosa Pudica Seed and 1 bottle of Formula 1.

Phase 3: Build

Phase 3 increases Lymphatic Detox to 2 bottles and BioActive Carbon Foundation to 3 bottles, while keeping Kidney & Liver Detox, Mimosa Pudica Seed, BioActive Carbon BioTox, Formula 1, and BioActive Carbon Minerals the same. In this phase BioActive Carbon Iodine is introduced at 1 bottle.

Phase 4: Restore

Phase 4 maintains BioActive Carbon Minerals and BioActive Carbon Iodine at 1 bottle while adding 1 bottle of BioActive Carbon MetChem.

Phase 1: Drainage & Energy

Prepare your body for a successful true detox experience.

Open Drainage

Provide your body with the support it needs to optimize drainage pathway functions. This helps toxins move out of your body more easily.

increase energy

Work with your body to give it the materials needed to upregulate cellular energy. Unlock your body’s power to heal itself.

Reduce Reactions

Support your body’s built-in drainage systems. This helps minimize your pathogen load and enhance your detox results.

Phase 1: Prepare - Directions

Phase 2: Gut & Immune Support

Remove pathogens, toxins, and undesirable microorganisms.

gut scrubber

Deep clean your insides with natural ingredients. You may start seeing an uptick in your mood and energy as pathogens are removed and your gut is repaired.

remove toxins

Take back control of your body instead of letting your body dictate what you can and can’t do. Get to the root cause of toxicity and illness.


Nurture your microbiome while you continue to support your body’s drainage. That helps filter out and remove harmful contaminants.

Phase 2: Remove - Directions

Phase 3: Whole Body Immune Support

Build momentum for a deeper detox.

build on success

Ramp up and build on your success. Enjoy the changes in your health while continuing on your journey.

transition from gut to body

Build toward a systemic detox utilizing BioActive Carbon. That takes the results beyond your gut. This is the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

PREPARE for deeper detox

Fortify your body’s detox foundation. Prepare to go deeper and remove heavy metals.

Phase 3: Build - Directions

Phase 4: Systemic Detox

Eliminate heavy metals. Restore your natural state of health.

deeper DETOX

Peel away the layers that have held you back from optimal wellness. It’s time to turn the tables on toxicity and go deeper.

remove heavy metals

Strip out these harmful elements that can hide in your body. Enjoy changes in brain function and memory.

restore health and wellness

Remember what it feels like to be whole again. Move forward with restored health and wellness. Your body was made to work well.

Phase 4: Restore - Directions

Product FAQs

For best results and in an ideal world we recommend the complete Protocol.

Do you have a strong constitution? You won’t need as much Phase 1 (drainage support), then jump into Phase 2 and move into phase 3. Or you don’t mind having some symptoms.

Suspect or suffer with mold exposure, these are priorities: BioActive Carbon BioTox and Biomolecular oxygen

Are you having symptoms? Do you have a lot of sensitivities? React to supplements and protocols? Are you in a very stressful time? Are you pushing detoxification or pathogen killing?

Then make sure to support drainage.

  •     Intestinal mover for constipation, perfect for those that don’t poop 2 or more times a day. Important for parasite infection, SIBO, bloating and candida.
  •     Lymph Detox for swelling, cellulite, joint pains, frequent infections, weak immune system, brain fog, chronic fatigue, cold hands and feet
  •     Kidney & Liver detox for food sensitivities, ______

Retracing concept: As the body heals through previous traumas and injuries, the body can re-experience symptoms temporarily. Example, if you had asthma as a child and you start parasite cleansing, you might experience trouble breathing for a short period as the body heals the original cause of the asthma you had previously.

BioActive Carbon Iodine for support of:

           Thyroid – hair, skin or nails symptoms

           Sluggish brain


BioMolecular Oxygen for down-regulating inflammation and sensitivities. Pain, swelling, mold, etc.

Parasite keys and fundamentals:

           Be persistent and consistent

           Increase dosing during full moon

           Long term move into pulsing over a full moon

Expect die-off parasite symptoms -

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Detox Starter Protocol - Phase 1: Prepare

No matter what you’ve been diagnosed with, the components of this phase are foundational to your healing journey. They’ll prepare you for true detox by opening your energy and drainage pathways. This will help minimize “hiccups” or side effects along the way.

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Detox Starter Protocol - Phase 2: Remove

Building on the detox traction you gained in Phase 1, it’s time to start running any unwanted guests out of town. Phase 2 focuses on removing pathogens and deep-rooted toxins that could be holding you back from true health.

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Detox Starter Protocol - Phase 3: Build

Now, it’s time to build on the progress you’ve made and achieve even greater results. Continue gut-cleansing and clear pathogens and toxins throughout your body to prepare for deeper detox in Phase 4.

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Detox Starter Protocol - Phase 4: Restore

In this phase, you’ll do a thorough cleanup of heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium that can build-up in your body over time. You’ll be focusing on binding and purging them from your tissues, organs, and brain to restore your natural state of health.

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