Gut Cleanse

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Gut health is paramount when it comes to your overall wellness. If your gut isn’t happy, nothing will be happy! By taking a proactive approach and cleansing your GI tract of toxins, pathogens, and stagnant waste, you’ll be on the road to a better microbiome and increase your ability to absorb and utilize nutrients for optimum health.

What's Included

Our cornerstone immune and digestive support product provides the type of visible results that you’re looking for in your detox journey. In your digestive tract, Mimosa Pudica Seed becomes a gelatinous, sticky gut scrubber. As it works its way through the intestinal tract, it scrubs and pulls out toxins, heavy metals, biofilm, and other unwanted elements. It’s like deep cleaning for your insides!

Developed over years of clinical trials, Formula 1 is a multi-herb blend specifically designed for powerful immune and digestive support. Proven natural ingredients like vidanga, neem, triphala, clove, and holarrhena are merged with our BioActive Carbons to create a potent, yet tolerable, solution to pathogen problems.

After years of testing, we found the ideal ingredients in proper proportions that make Intestinal Mover a one-of-a-kind, natural constipation reliever. Not a laxative, Intestinal Mover is specifically designed to help encourage normal peristalsis while providing you natural, non habit-forming, gentle relief without complications or discomfort.

With its optimized binding ability, BioTox supports your fight against biotoxins like mold, ammonia, sulfur, Candida, and fungal toxins.

Dosing Instructions

Gut Cleanse - Directions
Microbe Formulas Customer: Lynne K. Testimonial
I have been feeling better, my digestive system is starting to heal, and I have more energy and better sleep.

Lynne K.

Detox Hero
Microbe Formulas Customer: Maria S. Testimonial
It has been helping me a lot to go to the bathroom. I’ve been using the gut cleanse package for only two weeks, I feel Now I can empty my bowels better. Definitely will keep using it.

Maria S.

Detox Hero


Gut health is paramount when it comes to your overall wellness. Overcoming any long-term health challenge or seeking optimal health often requires giving attention to cleansing your gut. Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay have hand selected the exact products you need to start your gut cleanse journey.

Overcome long-term health challenges
Decrease die-off symptoms
Support healthy microbiome
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Product FAQs

Whenever we see a rash we point it to problems in the Liver, specifically the Liver-Bile duct system. When the NRF2 pathway is clogged or not filtering properly. When the NRF2 can not filter toxins correctly, it will dump them into the bloodstream, causing a rash.
Some others you may look to add is our Kidney and Liver Support, TUDCA, and Lymphatic Support.
Dr. Jay recommends about 3-4 months. Depending on the individual and their needs this can be a starting dosage and length.

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