Step 2 - Foundational Protocol

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Building on the detox traction you gained in Step 1, it’s time to start running any unwanted guests out of town. Step 2 focuses on removing pathogens and deep-rooted toxins that could be holding you back from true health.

What's Included

Mitochondria require precise levels of minerals and electrons to function at peak performance. Harnessing the benefits of specific fulvic acid extracts, MitoRestore is formulated to encourage healthy mitochondrial function and ATP (energy) production. By supporting cellular energy levels, MitoRestore aids detoxification to facilitate your health protocols. It also promotes normal cellular renewal and aids mitochondria in their role of immune system support.

BioActive Carbon® Foundation is a groundbreaking product that gets to the source of health challenges by targeting chemical toxins, radiation, retroviruses, and viruses. This nanotechnology-based formulation binds unwanted elements for removal from your body. It also directs, protects, and delivers nutrients to organs, tissues, and cells. Its systemic binding ability and support for cellular energy and repair make it an essential component of any detox protocol.

Supporting your kidneys, liver, and bile duct system is an essential foundation of your health journey. Our scientists have created a way to incorporate supportive herbs, natural bile acid, and our proprietary BioActive Carbon to offer optimal results. TUDCA Complete includes tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA), BioActive Carbon, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), and six botanicals — beetroot, gynostemma, marshmallow root, milk thistle, parsley, and stoneroot. With these powerful herbs combined with TUDCA and the bioactive carbon, the all-in-one proprietary blend eliminates the need to take multiple liver, bile, and kidney support supplements.

This groundbreaking immune- and digestive-support supplement contains only one ingredient: Mimosa pudica seed. Once powdered Mimosa pudica seeds reach your digestive tract, they become gelatinous, acting as a sticky gut scrubber. This gooey substance works its way through your intestinal tract, supporting your body’s natural drainage process by cleansing and clearing out intestinal buildup, pathogens, and toxic substances. It’s like house cleaning for your insides!

Formula 1 is a multi-herb blend designed for all-around immune system, detoxification, and digestive support. This formulation's herbs were selected for their unique properties and ability to work together to maintain a healthy microbiome and regular elimination via your stools. BioActive Carbon® powers Formula 1, protecting the herbal ingredients and directing their journey to precisely where they are needed. This product is also designed to mitigate die-off challenges as pathogens leave your body.

Dosing Instructions

Step 2 - Foundational Protocol - Directions

How it Works

The supplements in Step Two will last 30 days when taken at the suggested dose. Once finished, you can move on to Step Three of the Foundational Protocol. If you feel you need more drainage support before moving onto deeper cleansing, you can incorporate any of the drainage support supplements in Step One at any time. You can also repeat Step Two again before moving onto Step Three.

Listen To your body

Always pay attention to your digestion, energy levels, mood, and how you feel overall. If you experience discomfort while taking these products, please contact your healthcare practitioner. If you’re dealing with more severe symptoms, you may wish to focus only on Step One and supporting your drainage for 3-4 months.

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