Step 3 - Foundational Protocol

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Step Three builds momentum for deeper, whole body cleansing. You’ll continue to support drainage and remove unwanted elements from the digestive system while increasing immune-supportive herbs to promote cleansing beyond the digestive system.

The addition of BioMolecular Oxygen helps increase oxygen levels in the body, which further supports energy production and the body’s natural healing processes.

What Is BioActive Carbon?

BioActive Carbon is a proprietary blend that supports the body’s ability to bind and remove unwanted elements and repair cellular damage. The ability to promote life sets it apart from traditional binders.

When combined with other ingredients, BioActive Carbon supports their optimal delivery and absorption by protecting them from being digested by stomach acid.

What's Included

BioMolecular Oxygen supports energy production, brain function, the body’s natural healing processes, healthy tissue function, and the health of all of the body’s microbiomes — not just the gut. Increased oxygen in the body also creates an undesirable environment for unwanted elements, which encourages them to exit your system.

This fast-absorbing liquid tincture supports the gut and immune system with seven herbs, including black walnut hull, clove bud, holy basil, sage leaf, and thyme leaf. These ingredients also aid the body in removing unwanted elements.

Lymphatic Support contains BioActive Carbon and six Ayurvedic herbs: astragalus root, burdock root, chuchuhuasi, graviola leaf, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, and turkey rhubarb. Together, these ingredients promote lymph movement and lymphatic drainage: two critical functions for supporting immunity, mental clarity, and the body’s ability to remove unwanted elements. .

BioActive Carbon Foundation is a binder that contains BioActive Carbon and nine botanicals, including artichoke leaf, blueberry, and wheatgrass. Together, these ingredients lay the groundwork for supporting the body’s natural detoxification processes and building and maintaining a healthy microbiome. BioActive Carbon Foundation is beneficial at any stage of your wellness journey.

Made from the seed of the Mimosa pudica plant, this single-ingredient supplement provides the gut support you're looking for. It can travel all the way through your intestinal tract, doing its cleansing work. What’s the secret? Mimosa Pudica Seed is fat-soluble and gels up when mixed with liquid. In your digestive tract, the powdered seed absorbs fluids and changes consistency. It becomes jelly-like and sticky — which allows it to grab onto unwanted elements as it makes its way through your system.

Dosing Instructions

Step 3 - Foundational Protocol - Directions


Toxins need a clear exit out of your body. Open your drainage pathways to safely remove harmful substances and avoid reabsorbing them into your system.

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Product FAQs

During periods of deeper cleansing, it’s normal to feel some fatigue or experience minor aches or digestive discomfort. Some people may also experience die-off symptoms depending on their current state of health.

If you experience symptoms such as a rash, constipation, or anything beyond mild fatigue, aches, or digestive discomfort, your drainage pathways may need extra support.

We recommend calling our support team to receive more specific guidance as you move through the protocol. You can also cut the dosing for the Step Three supplements in half and start slowly.
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