Viral and Retroviral Kit

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Viruses are a natural part of the environment. When your body and immune defenses are healthy and robust, you adapt to them easily. However, when you encounter large numbers of viruses and your immune system is weakened, viruses can create considerable problems. Viruses and retroviruses enter into and grow within living cells. These pathogens can cause disease by compromising your immune system and altering the genetic material within your hijacked cells. They can also cause systemic inflammation. Our Viral and Retroviral Kit is designed to target these microbial invaders on multiple levels by providing exceptional immune, drainage, detox, and energy support.

What's Included

Support your body’s natural ability to address occasional, mild immune system challenges and common environmental contaminants. BioActive Carbon® Foundation is formulated using nanotechnology to bind unwanted elements and deliver nutrients at the cellular level. Its capability to go systemic makes it a solid foundation for any detox protocol.

After years of testing, we found the ideal ingredients in the proper proportion, making Intestinal Mover a one-of-a-kind, natural aid for temporary constipation. The product is designed to encourage healthy gut motility and elimination while providing you with gentle, non-habit-forming relief from occasional constipation.

This is a hardworking blend of N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), herbs, and BioActive Carbon® that provides beneficial plant compounds. It’s designed to promote your body’s natural ability to filter, detoxify, and drain unwanted elements through your kidneys and liver. Supporting your liver and bile duct system is a cornerstone of your health journey.

With 69 naturally-occurring, plant-derived minerals and a dozen amino acids, BioActive Carbon® Minerals supports your overall detox regimen. This formula provides building blocks for cellular energy production, which is needed to support detox. The product contains 100% organically-complexed, nano-sized molecules, which supports their bioavailability to your body.

Harnessing the benefits of specific fulvic acid extracts, MitoRestore is formulated to encourage healthy mitochondrial function and ATP (energy) production. By supporting cellular energy levels, MitoRestore aids detoxification to facilitate your health protocols. It also promotes normal cellular renewal and aids mitochondria in their role of immune system support.

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